25 October 2020

Patreon page of KiaRa is working now! Join it on

15 October 2020

New music video on Birth And Death song has been released

14 June 2020

Crowdfunding company for Storyteller has been started!

22 Feb 2020

Lyric video for Rus version of Loneliness (KiaRa - Одиночество) has been added to YouTube channel

01 Nov 2019

Lyric video of song Loneliness has been adeed to YouTube channel

18 October 2020

First show-presentashion of Storytoller in Moscow took place!

03 August 2020

The debut album Storyteller has been released. CDs available on the Store

25 May 2020

New t`shirt (limited edition) is available on the store!

02 Feb 2020

Online store is available

01 Aug 2019

Single Loneliness is out now!


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