Online vocal lessons

I was thinking a lot what I can give to you during the pandemic, and I decided to OPEN MY VOCAL CLASS on Skype and Zoom for everyone who knows English! I've been a vocal teacher here in Russia for more than 5 years already, so it's one of my professional skills the same as performing.

What my vocal class includes:

- Vocal lessons one by one on Skype or Zoom during 1 hour;

- Zoom master-classes for all who want it. I think it will be mostly for my students, but also for the other people who want to participate in it!

What you can expect from my lessons:

- If you're a beginner, I can teach you all vocal basic techniques (breath, vocal position, intonation, etc);

- As I mix opera, rock and regular voices, I can teach you the same;

- Or, if you need only a rock style, or an opera style, just tell me, and we will go deeper in one direction.

Price is varies.

We can discuss a discount for you if you can help me with an interview, shows, promotion, etc.

If you have any questions or if you want to become my student, please text me:
- email;

- Facebook ;

- Instagram