Crowdfunding for "Archangel"

The first album Storyteller became real because of you! Now it`s time to continue KiaRa musical journey with the second album Archangel! As you know, the last year and a half (oh, my..!) weren`t easy for everyone, and musical industry wasn`t an exception. I`ve been focusing on a good side of it (if you can say so) - more time for composing, collecting creative ideas, and lately, when everything seems to go back to normal life again, I do new photoshoots, covers and music videos. I still miss the real stage so much! Hope to get back there as soon as possible :)

Anyway, let`s go back to Archangel! I have composed 11 songs for it, and they are all different - I didn`t do two versions of songs here as I did it on Storyteller. There will be one Russian song, one instumental song, and the rest are in English. The genres here are a bit different, as one song will be heavier than the others - very similar to symphonic black metal, one song is more similar to modern metal and one is more similar to heavy metal. So, as usual, I try not to limit myself and compose right from my heart!

What I can tell you for sure - that if the crowdfunding is successful, the record quality of Archangel will be better than on Storyteller. We`ll go to a better studio and we`ll record real drums! The maximum goal is to make good music video with the whole band.

Let`s get down to numbers.
The minimum goal for the recording and production of the album is 2700€.

What`s included here?
- studio time for the recording of 11 songs for all musicians is around 900€
- album mixing and mastering is around 700€
- musicians` salary is 500€ (not so much because they are my friends, but I want them to earn something)
- booklets and CDs design is 180€
- new photoshoot for CD cover is around 250€
- CD print is around 170€.

The maximum goal includes all that`s written above and professional music video for 1 song (+1000€) , so it`s 3700€.

Of course, if I get less amount from the crowdfunding, I will still work on the album, just some of the paragraphs will be excluded.

Donations and pledges

There are different pledges for different donations.
Please make sure that your post address is indicated in PayPal form!
If you`re pledging a t-shirt, please indicate your clothing size in PayPal message form or just write it to with mentioning your PayPal account name.

So, if you donate:

- 1-5€- just to support me, there is no pledge;
- 6-10€ - you`ll get one of these exclusive photos (10x15сm size), signed;




- 11-15 - you`ll get one of these signed posters A3 size;














































































- 16-20€ - you`ll get a signed copy of Archangel CD;

- 21-25€ - you`ll get T-shirt with KiaRa logo (don`t forget to indicate your clothing size);


















- 26-35€ - T-shirt + Archangel CD, signed;


- 36-45€ - all the items (one signed photo + one signed poster + Archangel CD, signed + T-shirt).

If you`d like to donate more - please contact me via and we`ll discuss special pledges for you!

If you have any questions, any payment`s issues or need any help - contact me via

Thank you very much for being with me!

Anna KiaRa.

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