Crowdfunding for "Storyteller"

I was dreaming about my own music since I was a child, but there were a lot of facts that stopped me to make this dream come true for a long time (uncertainty, fears, technology, money, time, friends, etc.)
And now, when I really close to make it real, I need your help!


Why I do it on my own website?

I was thinking a lot how to create a crowdfunding company and searching for so many platforms, but I was really dissapointed  - all famous crowdfunding websites (Kickstarter, IndieGoGO, GoFundMe, etc.) don`t support Russian residents and
if I don`t have the documents and bank account of the other country in Europe, UK or US, I can`t start my company there. 


Also for a few Russian crowdfunding platforms that we have here there was another problem - they mostly don`t support foreign payments and they have a big tax (10-15% from the whole amount, while all big platforms take not more than 5%+a little amount from every payment). So I decided to make my crowdfunding here!


What will be on my album?

My first solo album "Storyteller" will be realeased at the 3rd of August, and for the first time it will be a digital version. Then (with your help) I will make CDs and add them to my online store.

Storyteller is a symphonic metal album which has a story in every song.
I will make posts about every song on my social media before the release, so you could see what it`s about!
There will be 13 songs: 4 songs will have two versions (Russian and English), three songs only in English and one instrumental song.

What will you have if you`ll donate?

You donate 1-6€ - just for support

You donate 6-12€ - you`ll have a handwritten sheets of random song from Storyteller with autograph (don`t forget to write your address on PayPal form)

You donate 12-17€ - you`ll have one of my signed photos (10x15) which aren`t on
my store (don`t forget to write your address on PayPal form)

You donate 17-22€ - you`ll have your copy of Storyteller, signed, right after CDs will be ready (don`t forget to write your address on PayPal form)

You donate 22-27€ - you`ll have your copy of Storyteller and photo, both signed (don`t forget to write your address on PayPal form)

You donate 27-37€ - you`ll have all items (handwritten sheets, photo and CD), all signed (don`t forget to write your address on PayPal form) 

If you would like to donate more - please contact me and we`ll discuss your perks!

If you have any questions, need support or have any issues with payment - write to

Thank you very much for being with me!

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