Anna KiaRa - singer, pianist, composer, actress, model.


I was born in Russia, in the city of Kaluga (200 km from Moscow) and used to learn music since I was a child: from 8 y.o I've been playing the piano, from 9 y.o. I've been learning vocal skills.
Graduated from Kaluga regional musical College named S. I. Taneyev in 2015 and then entered into State Institute of Theatre Art (GITIS), musical theater department, graduated 2019. I`ve been listening to rock and metal music since I was 12 and 've been playing and singing in metal bands since 19. 

Participant of Delphic games 2011 and 2012 (Tver, Moscow). 

Participant of TV project "New star" on the channel "Star" in 2015.  

Participant of Creative team of Vera Trofimova in Tula, played a role of Elven princess Amarie in Rock-Opera "Melkor", premiered 12.03.17.

Member of Moscow Broadway Dreams in April 2017 at the theater MDM.

Lead singer of Russian symphonic metal band Imperial Age since 2016.

2019 - start of my solo project KiaRa, release of first single "Loneliness".

2020 - release of my solo album Storyteller.